Guelph.Beer Bus FAQ

Where and when do I get on the bus?

The bus will be making stops at each brewery: Brothers, Fixed Gear (both Alma and Elmira locations), Wellington, Sleeman, and Royal City. The bus will also making additional stops at The Fat Duck Gastro Pub, and The Delta Hotel. You can start and finish the tour at any of the locations, check the schedule for departure times. When you are at any location, you can expect a bus to arrive every 30 minutes throughout the afternoon.

Can I visit each brewery in one day?

You can make it work but there is no need to try to visit every brewery in one day! There will be other Guelph.Beer Bus days and each brewery is open regularly. Take your time, enjoy the experience, and please drink responsibly!

Can kids come on the bus?

Yes everyone is welcome on the Gueph.Beer Bus. All breweries will allow families and people under 19 in their tap rooms. Breweries will check ID’s and following Smart Serve guidelines when serving alcohol to anyone.

Can I bring beer on the bus?

Yes, as long as the beer isn’t opened. There is absolutely no open alcohol on the bus under any circumstances.

Do I need tickets or to make a reservation?

No you do not need tickets for the Guelph.Beer Bus. Just show up and get on the bus. If the bus is full, you can get on the next one 30 minutes later.

Is this really free?

Yes! However, we will be accepting donations to support a different charity on each Guelph.Beer Bus day.

Will there be food available at the event?

A few breweries will have food trucks on site and some brewery tap rooms will also have snacks available for purchase. The Fat Duck and The Delta Hotel will of course be serving food.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately you cannot bring pets on the bus with the exception of service animals.

Will the bus and event locations be physically accessible?

Yes, the buses will be accessible and priority seating will be available for passengers with a disability. Each brewery is also physically accessible.

Is this an ongoing or regular event?

The Guelph.Beer Bus will run on Saturday October 19th and Saturday November 15th. We’ll be taking a break over the summer and returning in the spring once per month.

Thanks to Guelph Tourism and Regional Tourism Organization 4 for supporting this event through the Destination Guelph Strategic Co-investment Opportunity. And thanks to Guelph Transit for working with us to provide bus transportation.

For more information about upcoming Guelph.Beer Bus dates and other events visit If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or Cheers!