is a partnership focused on nurturing and growing Guelph’s exceptional beer culture by furthering beer education, promoting collaboration, and building Guelph’s reputation as a world-class brewing centre and beer destination.


Thanks to everyone who took a trip on the Guelph.Beer Bus this summer. On 4 special Saturdays from May-August the Guelph.Beer Bus featured free bus transportation to all 5 of Guelph’s local brewers.

The Guelph.Beer Bus had over 4,000 rides and together we raised $1,573 for local charities. The project was a major success and we’re making plans to bring the Guelph.Beer Bus back this fall with an expanded bus schedule and a few new stops along the way. Mark Saturday October 19th and Saturday November 16th on your calendar for the return of the Guelph.Beer Bus. Cheers!

The Guelph.Beer Bus will be back:  Saturday October 19th | Saturday November 16th

The Guelph.Beer Bus will be back: Saturday October 19th | Saturday November 16th


is a unique association open to all commercial brewers in Guelph and current members include: Wellington Brewery, Fixed Gear Brewing, Sleeman Brewing, Brothers Brewing, and Royal City Brewing Co. Together we are committed to working together to celebrate and promote Guelph’s unique beer culture.

Our Community – We truly believe that Guelph is a special place to live. We are committed to enhancing and supporting our local community through engagement, dialogue, and by being active supporters of local community groups, initiatives, and charitable causes.

Cooperation – We will identify ways in which our breweries can work to together for the benefit of all members, the association, the industry, and the city of Guelph.

Inclusivity – Everyone has the right to enjoy the beer of their choice and neither people nor beer should be excluded from our community on the basis of their race, sexuality, gender, or beer style preference.

Responsibility – We believe that beer is best consumed in moderation, and in a responsible manner. With comprehensive public transit options in Guelph there should never be a need to drink and drive.

Conservation – As brewers we recognize that water is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to using water responsibly and finding new ways to promote water conservation and sustainability.

Beer – We love beer. We all make great beer, we all love drinking beer, and we want to work to foster that appreciation and enjoyment in others.